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The Pastoral Council 2022-2023

Faith in Action

We're so pleased to introduce you to members of 2022-2023 Pastoral Council.

Russell Adams,
Robert Bartolome,
Miguel Diaz,
Mary Morrison,
Linda Nash,
Irma Perez,
Sacramento Perez,
Julio Sanchez,
Nick Spika

The Pastoral Council is an advisory group to Fr. Jay Bonete. It meets monthly, 7-8:30 pm on the 2nd Tuesday. Fr. Jay refers to us as his 'wisdom council.' He looks to members to consider goals for the parish, provide feedback on ideas he has for St. Theresa Parish, and share experiences we have as parishioners.

At the October 2 celebration, you saw pictures of Pastoral Council Members in the Narthex. Thanks to Nick Spika for organizing them. One of the goals of the Pastoral Council is to be more visible this year. We welcome your feedback. Contact Mary Morrison, 253-318-0852, or