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Submitting Prayer Requests to the Prayer Line

Faith in Action

St. Theresa's prayer line is a ministry of providing intercessory prayer for specific intentions. You submit your prayer request via email and your request is securely transmitted to the group members. Prayer line members incorporate your request into their prayer life in their own unique way, holding your requests in their hearts and offering them up to the Lord. Intercessory prayer means that we join our voices with yours, whether it is a time of need, of sorrow, or of rejoicing.

How does it work?

Submit your prayer request by email to It's that easy. Prayer requests can be for yourself as well as for others and begin as simply as "Please pray for..." 

You will remain anonymous unless you ask to be mentioned as the author of the request. The people you are praying for remain anonymous unless you put their name in the request. That's entirely up to you.

What can you expect?

The prayer line monitor will send a brief reply to your email, acknowledging receipt of the request. If you need to renew the request, just send another email.

God knows what is on your heart, always, but he also gave us each other. We believe deeply that intercessory prayer is a powerful gift, a powerful tool, and an amazing blessing for those who request prayers and for those who offer up prayers.

St. Theresa's prayer line was established in 1998. Please contact the prayer line with any questions or concerns: