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Pastoral Council: Here to Serve


Your Pastoral Council is here to serve! And we take our role as servant-leaders to heart. We currently have 10 members of the Pastoral Council. Taken together, our experience at St. Theresa’s is wide and deep. We serve or have served as catechists, lectors, greeters, sponsors, and sacristans. We make sandwiches, supervise youth groups, organize events, serve food. We know what it means to raise families, be new to the parish, find a way to be good neighbors. We are you! Our current Pastoral Council: Russell Adams, Jason Amann, Luoana Arrellano Reyes, Robert Bartoleme, Miguel Diaz, Doug Johnson, Ines Mata, PJ McGuire, Mary Morrison, and Nick Spika.

Let Mary Morrison know if you have questions or would like more information about St. Theresa’s Pastoral Council. You can reach Mary at or 253-318-0852.